You can always watch online, but online is never as good as actually being with others.

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Here are some FAQ's.

If you have any other questions, contact us.

  • We want to share Jesus with EVERYONE!

    We love Him because He is God and because He offers everyone eternal, wonderful life.

    No matter how young or old, brilliant or basic, broken or mostly-together, we hope that everyone will grow closer to God every time that you are with us.

    Our Sunday morning services are from 10:30 - 11:30 AM.

    Our church is at 2614 N Ringwood Rd, McHenry, IL 60050.

  • First, we are excited to share Jesus - especially with those who know very little about who He is.

    Secondly, we make our services easy to understand whether you are new in your faith or have followed Jesus for years.

    It is a great thing to come together, develop deep friendships, and to love the God who loves you.

    You'll be glad that you came.

  • We are a friendly group of people. Someone will likely welcome you and ask how you are. The great part is - they actually care how you're doing!

    We are a smaller church. So you won't be overwhelmed and lost in a loud crowd.

    We have a great range of people. We have many young people, babies, teens, young adults, and many older people.

    Our Sunday services are casual. There will be music and a sermon. Both should draw you to God and excite you to follow Him.

  • If it is a nice day outside, we often have our Sunday services outside under our beautiful pavilion.

    It's best to bring your own chair or picnic blanket, but we'll gladly get you a seat if you need one.

    We will post on our public Facebook page to let you know if we will be outside.

    Click here to see the Facebook page.